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Wet but cheerful

On 7 October 2015 the first historic "Techniker-Bummel" (Engineers’ Walk) started out in the pouring rain in the opposite direction of the original walk: from the market square to the university. Lots of people joined and discovered milestones of university history.
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No Anniversary without students

Matriculation ceremony of the class of 2015, with the mayor of Mittweida University's foundation period Oskar Friedrich Kunze otherwise known as Ralf Schreiber, with the university’s creator Wilhelm Heinrich Uhland otherwise known as Michael Kreskowsky as well as one of the first rectors Carl Georg Weitzel otherwise known as Ludwig Hilmer.
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Not one of the rector’s jokes on occasion of "Bergfest" (students celebrating being halfway through their studies)

The former "Black & White" pub at Rochlitzer Straße 68 is becoming a meeting place for students and residents. University and town can get together and find out more about each other in the same spot where rectors and students used to reside.
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Starting where it all began

The two-year Anniversary period returned to Mittweida University’s origins: Mittweida Theatre, which is a cinema ("Kino Filmbühne") today. Here, an extraordinary meeting of the senate with invited guests was held.
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As critical as 150 years ago: Cooperation of town and university

Anniversaries do not just mean reminiscence - a town with a university is always a city of the future. Together, the university, Mittweida's citizens and its town administration are planning the future of the university town Mittweida over the course of the anniversary period.
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An excellent outward sign for the anniversary period

After 150 years of university life in Mittweida, it has now been made official: Mittweida is a university town. Since 26 September 2015 Mittweida has the right to use the name addition "university town" as the first city in Saxony.
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Questions about the anniversary?

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